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Most Beautiful Sea Slugs From Indonesia!

Slugs, if we hear this name, many people would imagine an unusual snail without a shell. In Indonesia, people call this Siput Telanjang. It means "Naked Snail". Yup because this snail species doesn't have shell for their home. 
The Land Slug. Photo by Alamy. 
I hope you keep stay in this page and not close the window when you see this picture or you could Miss the beautiful pictures :D lol

Slugs usually known as pest for the farmers and gardeners. Some people also feel disguted if they meet or see this gastropod because its shape. But its land slugs. How about the slugs in the sea? I think you wouldn't feel disgusted again or inconvenience by their attacks in your garden because they are different than the land slugs. The sea slugs are colorful, beautiful, and of course they are not pest.

There are more than 3000 species of the Sea Slugs around the world. The Republic of Indonesia as The Largest Archipelagic Country in the world also has the most species of the Sea Slugs. Of course i wouldn't share thousands of them in this article but i only share 40 species of Indonesian sea slugs with the most colorful and beautiful colors. Check it out! :-)

1. Aldisa williamsi
Photo by Lindsay Warren. The Rare species and endemic

2. Chelidonura pallida
Photo by Roberto Sozzani

 3. Chelidonura varians
Photo by Danny Van Belle

 4. Chromodoris annae
Photo by Mary Jane Adams

 5. Chromodoris joshi
Photo by Geert Prast

 6. Chromodoris leopardus

Photo by Sabine Noack

7. Chromodoris magnifica
Photo by Mirjam Broost

 8. Chromodoris roboi
Photo by Ken Tucker

 9. Chromodoris willani
Photo by Unknown 

 10. Cuthona sibogae
Photo by Alice Lee

 11. Dermatobranchus gonatophora
Photo by Valda Fraser

 12. Elysia ornata
Photo by Bill Rudman

 13. Flabellina bilas
Photo by Wendy Atkinson

 14. Flabellina sp
Photo by Sebastian Ferse

 15. Glaucus atlanticus
Photo by Sylke Rohrlach. Looks like an alien.

 16. Glossodoris atromarginata
Photo by Bruce Potter

 17. Hexabandricus sanguineus
Photo by Kevin Lee

 18. Hypselodoris apolegma
Photo by Ken Tucker

 19. Hypselodoris babai
Photo by Bob Bolland

 20. Hypselodoris bullocki
Photo by Paul Whitehead

 21. Hypselodoris emma
Photo by Mary Jane Adams

 22. Hypselodoris kaname
Photo by Sergey Parinov

 23. Hypselodoris kanga
Photo by Sandrine Templin

 24. Hypselodoris sagamiensis
Photo by Francis Pellet

 25. Jorunna funebris
Photo by Unknown. I love this. Very cute :D Like a bunny. Playboy from the sea? haha XD

 26. Jorunna sp.2
Photo by Jim Anderson. The Sea Pikachu.

27. Madrella feruginosa
Photo by Bill Rudman

 28. Nembrotha aurea
Photo by Ken Knezick. My next favourite

29.Nembrotha chamberlaini
Photo by Marcel Tanke. Very rare and endemic. Look when it laying its eggs

30.Nembrotha cristata
Photo by Mike Krampf

31.Nembrotha kubaryana
Photo by Mike Krampf

32.Philinopsis pilsbry
Photo by Bill Rudman

33.Phyllidia carlsonhoffi
Photo by ryanphotographic. Looks like Fried Eggs isn't it? :9

34.Risbecia pulchella
Photo by Grace Wong

 35.Roboasta gracilis
Photo by Rie Nakano

 36.Tambja tentaculata
Photo by Budi Ramadi

 37.Thuridilla gracilis
Photo by Francois Zylberman

38.Thuridilla lineolata
Photo by Marli Wakeling

 39.Thuridilla livida
Photo by Shouichi Kato. Black also beautiful

40.Trapania japonica
Photo by Bill Rudman

From the list above, which one is your favourite? Fill the comment box below! :-)
Fun Fact : Sea Slugs are known as "Kelinci Laut" (Sea Rabbit) by Indonesians due to it looks like rabbit ^_^

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